Here's Your Menu Guide to Great Food Around Lake Michigan!

The Lake Michigan region is beautiful. Its beauty lies not only in the scenery, but also in the local harvests for the freshest farm-to-table offerings.

Orchards are filled with cherries, apples, peaches, pears, and other luscious fruits. Fields are abundant with corn, asparagus, squash, and greens. Many local restaurants count on regional farmers as a source for seasonal ingredients. Some restaurants change their meals to reflect the abundance of the seasons, offering an ever-changing menu using local produce.

For samples of menus from restaurants around Lake Michigan, click on the links below which feature some of Michigan's most popular dining establishments.

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Lakeshore Menu Guide Restaurants

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Discover Culinary Delights Along the Lakeshore

This Lakeshore Menu Guide aims to serve you with the restaurants and food establishments you are looking for. Locals will appreciate this Lakeshore Menu Guide as they venture north or south a few counties to find a new favorite. Tourists, traveling hundreds of miles to explore this "unsalted" inland sea, can find just the right taste in nourishment and refreshments by browsing the menus of various restaurants.

Great Food, Wonderful Atmosphere, Friendly Service

No matter what you are looking for along the Lake Michigan shoreline area you can find it here. Don't miss the many unique dining establishments in and around the region. Choose from fine dining, cozy cafes, pubs, coffee shops and good old-fashioned family restaurants. Each place comes with small-town, friendly service that makes your dining experience complete.

What flavor are you craving?

There's just the right restaurant for every appetite. If you're in need of a quick bite to eat while on the road, you'll find plenty of fast food establishments along the way. Exploring the Lake Michigan shoreline on an afternoon excursion? You'll be happy to discover a new one-of-a-kind eatery with a great view. Or perhaps you are looking for a fine dining experience where the mood is relaxing and perfectly comfortable so that you can linger over good conversation. Do you hunger for old-fashioned home-cooking? How's your sweet tooth? Area bakeries will tempt you with your favorite donuts and sweet breads. Maybe you would enjoy a juicy burger and an ice-cold beer. Breakfast prepared just the way you like it is always a great way to start the day, and a cocktail along with a tasty small plate might be your favorite way to end the day. Whatever flavors appeal to you--you'll find a restaurant that serves it up right!

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